Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This is one of my favorite pocket letters I made last year! Her favorite colors are Pink and Teal.

Julie Nutting Doll Fan Here!! In 2013 I went to a class at a local store where I made my first tag with one of Julie's doll stamps and I adopted Mia! I didn't use her much, but one of my favorites was the little altered matchbox witchy-poo with a sassy attitude! After that I didn't really do anything else with the dolls until I found some new- to- me Facebook groups in 2015! That sure changed things! I am in love with her dolls! And I get to meet Julie Nutting in June for a weekend of play with a group of lovely ladies! Here is a sampling of some of my projects. More to come!

Wake up blog! I'm glad to have found you again! I am excited to get started here again because I have a lot to share since I first started this blog so long ago. Life sometimes happens in phases and it feels like things are finally starting to settle down for hubby and I after a few years of LIFE being so big!! Let's see if I can remember how this works now...LOL!