Monday, December 27, 2010

Final Days Countdown to Christmas!

Days 21-25 are from Becky F, Heidi W, Pam S, Sarah S, and Jill D. Oh my goodness what a great little journey this was! Thank you one and all! Hope you all had a wonderful time and a Merry Christmas. Stay warm!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Countdown to Christmas! Days 9-20

Whew! I am WAY behind this time, but today I am catching up posting to all the matchbox makers! The next four (days9-12) delightfully made by Marie E, Marcia C, Kelly B, and Maria L.
Days 13-16 were lovingly made by Liz D, Erica H, Jan R, and Lauri C

Days 17-20 wonderfully made by Sophia, Nancy P, Mary P and Sherry W
So many wonderful little surprises again inside. It has been so delightful to be surprised at the erray of little goodies inside each one. Beautiful and very creative ladies! Thank you all so much!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown to Christmas! Days 5-9

I'm a little behind posting with holiday visitors and parties and shopping and getting ready to bake cookies! Oh my! Days 5-9 are from Cami, Sherry E, Linda G and Carol G. Such wonderful little treasures inside and out. Thank you all so much and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Countdown to Christmas! Days 1-4

My first matchboxes for the Countdown to Christmas Advent! I featured the first one by itself because there's just something always special about 'the first one' ;o) Thank you so much to Genie, Michelle, Valery and Angela for these beautiful little treasures! They are all so different and I am enjoying all the special touches with each and every one I open. Oh, what fun this is to open one each day!  I feel like a little kid again as I have not done an advent since my kids were little. With all the busy-ness right now, I decided it would be much better for me to feature four at the time until we make it to Christmas. Thank you again ladies! Awesome!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Inchie Mania in a Frame

I finally did it! After the last over three years of trading and collecting inchies, the framing has begun! I needed something that was quiet and that I could just could just relax and take my own sweet time doing and this fit the bill. I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally have these wonderful tiny pieces of art treasures out where I can see them every day. I've traded inchies all over the world and in several art groups with very talented ladies and maybe a gentleman or two. Talk about inspiration! I felt so inspired while I was working on these the last few days. . I used some of 12x12" scrapbook stash for the backgrounds. (a photo mosaic grid and transparencies) I chose two of my favorite themes 'cats' and 'hearts' for my first frames. The love frame I used a transparency designed by my favorite scrapbook artist "Karen Russell" who designs products for "Creative Imaginations"

I was going to wait awhile to post these, but my online buddy whome I met in the flesh just today encouraged me to put these up so I could share with all of you! Now I can't wait to buy more frames!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Almost Halloween!

I had to smile when I saw a group of scarecrows displayed in front of one of our local grocery stores. I have loved scarecrows since I was a child and since I don't get to see many, I just had to take a second trip back to the store to get some photos! Our little town held a Scarecrow Contest and here are photos of some of the entries. "Chuck" says "My name is Chuck. Watch out crows here I come!" and "Scarlett Scaryshoes" will scare for shoes! Hmmmm, wonder how many pair of shoes are in her closet?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Starting Over- A Little About My Art World

I have had many friends suggest blogging to me over the last 3 years. I just need to make time "to just do it!" Please bear with me as I as I make an effort to make this work! I'm not always the best photographer or writer but hope to learn and grow. Life is always about learning and growing and that's the beauty of it all!

The first time I tried blogging I was really into making inchies and ATCs and have made greeting cards for as long as I've been rubber stamping. (about 18 years) I felt intimidated by blogging, art journals, altering objects and working with fabric in artsy projects. I've sewn since I was ten, but my work consisted of traditional sewing projects for clothing, the home, costumes for my kiddos when they were growing up and a few quilts. (which is something I've wanted to pursue again and finish some I've started) I even made my own garden wedding dress! ! After discovering ATCs and inchies just over 4 years ago I have learned and discovered so many things through lots of art buddies I wouldn't have otherwise tried on my own. I didn't know then what fun altering matchboxes would be, haven't tried moo cards and just made my first skinny a few months ago! This makes me smile and I love creating almost every day! There is still so much to try and learn. I've joined many, many swaps and love to it! I'll be sharing some of my previous swap pics with you to share some of my work and then try to keep it current.

My angel Mother was so creative and I owe her a great thanks for instilling in me a love of family, home and the beauty she brought all of us through her passion for creativity and sewing. She always loved trying something different and I think that's where I got my desire to try new techniques. I get bored pretty easily so I like trying new things to keep me inspired! My Mom loved Christmas and made it so special for all of us. One year our Christmas tree was a manzanita bush/branch that she sprayed with snow/flocking and it was really unique and beautiful! If I can find the photo, I will share it here.

I hope you all are enjoying a bit of autumn. The nights are cool, but this weekend is suppose to be like summer again. We can work outside so that's okay with me.

The photo is from a matchbox swap I sent to a partner in one of my art groups. Since my partner likes vintage, retro and the color blue, I used an image from a 1950s magazine and some vintage trim. She loved it!